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The Non-Where editions

Persian literature was born under a lucky star. Taking its sources at the cradle of civilization, between the Tigris and the Euphrates, at the time of Gilgamesh, it is known above all in the West through its great poets, Omar Khayam and his quatrains, Hafez de Shiraz and his loving Ghazals, Ferdosi and his book of Kings, Saadi and his rose garden, Rumi and his Shams, Nizami and his Leyli and Majnun, Attar and his Song of the birds.
Such a line could not remain without an heir. In contemporary times other well-known names have arisen, Sadegh Hedayat and his blind owl, Forough Farrokhzad and his rebirth.
Yet during the twentieth century, especially after the revolution and the Islamic republic, a leaden layer fell on Iranian literature because of censorship, preventing poets and writers from publishing their works.
The editions of Non-Where (Naakojaa in Persian, which means Utopia), were created in France in 2012 in order to give voice to this literary creation passed in silence. Naakojaa Publishing has published more than 200 books in Persian that have not passed censorship in Iran. In 2017 we took another step forward by translating these works into French to give them the chance to be discovered in languages other than Persian. Our motto being the words of Franz Kafka:
“All literature is an assault on the border. "

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