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You have always wanted to discover Persia ...

Your bookstore in the Persian world is organizing for you an exceptional day of travel in Persia, in the heart of Paris ...


















The day begins at 10 a.m. with an Iranian-style breakfast (with traditional Iranian Barbari bread) at the bookstore in the 18th arrondissement of Paris.

We will tell you about the History, Culture and Art in Iran. Traditions and modernity. Everything you need to know about Iran yesterday and today.

Then we will take you to the fifth arrondissement of Paris, in the Latin Quarter, discover Iranian crafts, the thousand and one wonders of Ali Baba's caves, as well as Iranian stores and drugstores in the Persian quarter of the fifteenth arrondissement of Paris . We will tell you about the Iranian diaspora in France and around the world.


Around 1 p.m., we invite you to discover the famous Iranian gastronomy, the delicious dishes of the Orient, in an Iranian gourmet restaurant. You will know everything you always dreamed of knowing about Persian cuisine and you can take away some recipes by purchasing the ingredients in the Iranian grocery stores that we will show you around.


In the afternoon we will visit the carpet merchants of Iran so that the art of Persian carpet weaving and its legend will no longer hold any secrets for you.


And you will end the evening at the bookstore around a glass of Shiraz wine, and reading poems by Khayyam, Saadi, Rumi and Hafez ... and also passages from contemporary literature, from Sadegh Hedayat to Zoya Pirzad.


You can register by sending us an email and also by booking on this page.


The fixed price for this day is 90 € (Lunch, drink and transport  understood)



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